Leadership Lessons?


I lead a human services organization, and have often noted that the same strategies we use with the kids and families we serve also work with our staff, and those outside the agency with whom we interact. Sure, if you read books and articles on “leadership” the terminology might be a bit different than we use in our direct services, but the concepts really aren’t. Sometimes, I think we leaders simply make it too hard.

I recently had the privilege of presenting at a TEDx event on lessons we have learned from our work with kids and families. While these lessons are highlighted as applying to “any child, in any situation”, I invite you to also consider these lessons from the perspective of how they might apply to your interactions with individuals in your own organization.

  • Relationships are primary
  • All behavior has meaning
  • How you respond shapes your (child’s/co-worker’s/colleague’s) response

I hope you’ll give it a listen and let me know what you think. Are these lessons primarily for kids, or maybe, just maybe, are they also lessons for leadership… and life?

You can watch the full presentation by clicking here.

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