Enough Said


As a general rule, leaders need to use fewer words.

Too many of us have a tendency to pontificate . . . to explain in great detail the rationale and nuances behind our thought processes . . . to generously impart our deep expertise and multiple considerations on the topic at hand . . . And yet, when we use too many words, leaders risk two important things:

  • Burying our core message; and/or
  • People tuning us out all together.

If you hope to influence others with your leadership, it may be helpful to consider the following:

Using fewer words is harder. It requires a more disciplined thought process, a distilling down and prioritization of where to focus one’s time and energy.

Using fewer words provides clarity. Without an abundance of adjectives, qualifiers, or supporting verbiage, the strength of your ideas can stand out.

Using fewer words is more impactful. When people are clear on the destination, they are better able to help you get there.

Using fewer words increases the likelihood that people will listen. And remember. And share your message with others. Which just might be the key to accomplishing your goals.

Enough said.

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